The Katz
Pictures and Bios of The Go Katz
Kurrent Katz and Reserve Katz

The Go Katz are a classic rock band playing the music of the past four generations...a group of three hard playing musicians willing to entertain crowds into a rock 'n' roll frenzy. Recently touring with Brenton Wood (Gimme Some Kinda Sign, Oogum Boogum, Baby You Got It), this band is able to soar to new heights each and every time they play. This band has nationally toured with name attractions like Al Wilson, Brenda Holloway, Del Shannon, and Christopher Cross.

In conclusion, the Go Katz are ready to work for you and soar to a higher plane both as a headline act or supporting act at your venue. When you hire The Go Katz, you have a full house.

Kurrent Katz

Phil Sluka >>> more photos

Hollywood, California in the late 60's...what a place and time to grow up. Love-Ins, Hendrix, Beatles, hippies, and me getting a taste of my first guitar licks.

Although Jimi, Santana, Duane Allman, Jeff Beck, and johnny Winters were som main influences, I bring the players of the new millenium such as Satriani, Eric johnson, and Vai into the equation to blend the old with the new.

I have played with a variety of original bands in the past 25 years, creating "Half Step to Venus" (my own instumental rock CD).

I have similar pro credits as my drummer, Rod, as we have played together for 18 years.

The ability to reach out and touch people while soloing has always been my primary drive.

Hey Now!

Rod Garcia >>> more photos

I was born to rock and roll. Starting at the young age of nine, I was playing drums professionally by 16.

By age 26, I was touring with triple-gold-record star Brenton Wood. Additionally, I played with Brenda Holloway (the 1st female solo artist to be signed by Motown Records) as well as with Al Wilson, whose hit "Show and Tell" topped the charts in 1974.

I have played with The Skinny Little Twits, The Wax Apples, Smiling Face Down, Ashland, and others too numerous to mention.

I guess the best way to put it is "Less is More." So, I try to see what you see and become a stronger player than the show before. But the proof is in the pudding and that becomes apparent every time I sit behind my drums.

Jeff Berkeley >>> more photos

My folks dug jazz. I grew up in the 'burbs north of Los Angeles listening to the likes of Ella, Sarah, Frank, Lionel Hampton, Tony Bennett and others but no one in my family played any instrument besides the stereo.

The first record I ever owned was The Doors first album. The first album I ever bought with my own money was Hendrix' Are You Experienced? Pretty good start to a record collection, eh?

Picked up my first guitar at 16 but sang in my first band. Bought a brassy Framus acoustic when in Germany in the Army in 1972. Still have it too -- a great friend.

Played off and on for 25+ years but only got serious about 6-8 years ago. Picked up the bass seriously about then too (another frustrated guitarist) and found what other bass players have known all along.

I belong playing bass -- there's nothing else like it -- and once you play the bass, you've really found your place. Rock on!

Reserve Katz

Mike Montenegro >>> more photos

There's a reason why they call him The Coach...Mike Montenegro was the original bassist for The Go Katz and played hundreds of shows with Rod and Phil.

He was one of the people to organize Phil and Rod's involvement with soul legend Brenton Wood in the 90's and even recorded two songs for The Go Katz' self-produced album, which included hits like "Super Heroes" and "Suicide Smile."

Right about the time the reunion tour of 2004 came to life, Mike's interest in other projects increased. Therefore, another bassist was needed to carry on. Mike has still made a big mark in the history of the group and will be missed.

He was "in the pocket," no matter how outside the box we went musically and is probably playing somewhere in LA right now as you read this.